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Oingo Boingo was an American new wave band, formed by songwriter Danny Elfman in 1979. Oingo Boingo emerged from a surrealist performance art theatrical troupe, The Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo, founded in 1972 and led by Danny Elfman's brother Richard Elfman.
Oingo Boingo were known for their high energy live concerts and experimental music, which can be described as mixing rock, ska, pop and world music. This eclectic mix of styles would eventually influence bands as varied as Fishbone, Nirvana and Mr. Bungle. The band's body of work spanned 17 years, with various genre and line-up changes. Their best-known hits include "Dead Man's Party" and "Weird Science".
As a rock band, Oingo Boingo started as a ska and punk-influenced new wave octet, achieving significant popularity in Southern California.
During the mid-1980s, the band changed line-ups and adopted a more pop style, until a significant genre change to alternative rock in 1994. At that point, the name was shortened to simply Boingo and the keyboardist and horn section were dropped. The band retired after a farewell concert on Halloween 1995, for which it reverted to the name Oingo Boingo and readopted the horn section.

1.Only a Lad (1981)
2.Nothing to Fear (1982)
3.Good for Your Soul (1983)
4.So-Lo (1984)
5.Dead Man's Party (1985)
6.Boi-ngo (1987)
7.Dark at the End of the Tunnel (1990)
8.Boingo (1994)

COMPILATIONS (included here)
1.1989 The Best of Oingo Boingo: Skeletons in the Closet
Released: 1989
Label: A&M Records

2.1991 Best O' Boingo
Released: September 17, 1991
Label: MCA Records

3.1999 Anthology
Released: November 2, 1999
Label: Hip-O Records

4.2002 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection
Released: September 24, 2002
Label: MCA Records

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